"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."
Casey Stengel

Monday, April 30, 2012

lets rock the chores :)

instead of joining the bersih 3.0 ,
personally i think of that better relax, stay at home
watching super spontan or mengaji ingat tuhan .
what will you get to have this? 
what will you get to join this?

even only the assembly yg dikatakan 
perhimpunan aman ni pon dah mcm huru hara,
give bad impression to those
foreigners and outsiders,
hello, please, wake up everybody.
whats the point? we better do this :

dont do sthg that will harm yourselves in future.
think think and think, people :)


  1. I extremely agree with you dear dentist friend!!, kekekekekeke, ble g mesir? Ak dgr qila ngan juju ngan yun pun g mesir gak, and qila ad program persediaan kt upm x lme lg. Kwn ak si naufal tu pon g mesir gak. Jge diri bebaik!!,

  2. ahh how i miss u pika. yapp qila juju aku yunn and maybe afa will get along to mesir. yapp qila n yunn join premedic fr 2months in upm. the price is quite high, 3500myr. ahh belajar bende sama je dgn 1st year, so i think mcm membazir hihi :P