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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alhamdulillah :)

krooohhh its lame. 
but still i wanna share the not-so-best-moment
that i went thru on march 21st
(if not mistaken HAHAHA).
the SPM result fr 2011 had opened
everyone's eyes especially fr warga DESA TUN.

ahhhh WE DID IT!
the GPS was 0.938 and who wouldnt feel so shock kann?
even the doers pon rasa terkejutttt HAHA BATAAAAAK :P

oh maaaaannn, tade harapan la kann nak tgk mama n abah
hugs n say congrates fr the straight As result since 
i only got 8As and  a B!
isk isk and B is for Biology.
even before this i firmly suspected that my Phy wud be B.
kiok ahhhhhhhh :(
Phy boleh A puloook.

but its okayy since mama n abah still gave the hugs n congratulated me
also pray the best fr my future undertakings :)

what I firmly believe today is,
bak kata along:
"tak best lahh if Allah bagi lebih or kurang drpd tu,
sbb yang terbaik utk angah adalah reality."

wooohhhh wake up atiqah wake up! 

SPM is not the penentu,
SPM is just a helper :)

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