"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."
Casey Stengel

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the arrival of beloved grandpa n uncle

after 2 weeks going fr umrahhh,
finally ALHAMDULILLAH both of them has landed safely to
MALAYSIAAAAA after transit at few countries;
jakarta & yaman.

 sorry mus, its blur.

 abah and atuk

 cik ina n mus

and yeah not to forget, after that at home,
we had our big dinner. 
the chefs are usual, MAMA & CIK JUN :)

but sthg caught my eyes when the kids played 
with the colourful HEART balloons. 

ahhh kenapa abbey tak pndg cameraaaaa 

mus n mak umi :)

yeahh there were two groups, men n women.

see this!

but look carefully at this picture!
ade NAJIHA terselit kat men punya site KAHKAHKAH
KESIIIAAAAAN before makan 
kene gelak :P

okay jiha rajin buat homework ye td.
haha kbye :)

p/s atuk is having a cough.
2p/s wahhhh kenyang alhamdulillah.

*tiada niat nak jeleskan cik ija hahaha*


  1. sikit pon tak jeles. sikit pon tak jeles. sikit pon taaaakkkkk jeelleeessss!

  2. kes kes kesiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :P