"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."
Casey Stengel

Sunday, May 6, 2012

people i miss the most :)

uhhhh SPM really made us apart. but
seriously how again can i say to prove that 
i miss them badly :(

yawww chekchekchekidout :)

okay the right one is hanis iryani aka dila aryana elias :)

yaww u cn see the turquoise girl is hanisah izzati; my deskmate
when was in form2&4 :)

okay the girl on the right is SARARARA HOYEYH
and the middle one is atiyah from SGGS :)

awww this girl is the best girl ive ever met. my dormmate byk kali,
bedmate byk kali smpi bosan jugak,
and my ubat supplier whenever was sick.

and act i wanna spot the very the left girl, SYAFIQAHSAMSUDIN :)
how i miss u, gal. thnks fr a visit in desaru.

this is AH RUI, the guy i met during my 3months in national service camp.
hes my JEREMY :P

kchingggg hai ALONG i listed u also. take care in states!

hahaha FE kesayangan kuat brangbreng

the teammates fr larian pagi? HAHA thnks u'olls

last but not least, the threesomes .
from right is cik ija yg hoyeyh, jihahaha n me :)

YA ALLAH, keep them in safe, give them TRIUMPH
and bless them till Jannaaah.
ameeeen :)

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