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Thursday, April 26, 2012

mak umi's-so-suddenly pet

this is truly my first time(so mcm jakun sikit)
seeing a bird nest in the celahan of mak umi's pokok bunga.
HAHAHA i thought all the birds wud build n make it
at better places. it seems like not so actually. 

haaa what i really wondered is ,
this bird mcm tau tau je atuk n mus
got to leave mak umi fr 2 weeks and right on time
dia buat sarang ni HAHAHA.

so every petang mak umi will ask me/any of her anak2
to snap and upload to gesbuk(facebook la kannn ;p)

so inilah peneman mak umi waktu sorang2 di rumahhhh
whenever she halau me to stay at home pula after days been with her

i jd wanita berkerjaya sekarang.
even just a maid fr my grandmother yg HOYEYH!
p/s: mak umi is my nenek.
2p/s: i love my mak umi :)

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