"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."
Casey Stengel

Sunday, June 10, 2012

doctors hangout

i wonder how people who can give best advises overcome their own mounted problems. well, good luck!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

doctors hangout

i think the DOCTORS HANGOUT brings too much benefits esp for all medical students. in fact it includes all the motivation words, guidance and a way to expose much things to people. not to forget it also quite funny for certain times lol XD

see this!

okay guys, thats all fr tonight. let the quotes give us strength after Allah's helps :)

Singapore, Universal Studios

bismillah ya ALLAH.

okay guys, how can i say. how may i tell. how shall i share. HAHAHA it was actually last-minute best planning to spend our times in USS together with all cousins & not to forget, beloved aunty ; mas aliza yg hoyeyh!

ok it was 730am we started the journey from tune hotel by bus. ahhh i think the journey is not so much exciting to be shared kannnn. so lets further to the real one!

ahhhh lets chekidout the pictures :)

okay this was the arrival :)

typical done by tourists

ok mmg excited XD

look at the very right. the guy w blue tshirt is actually iron man HAHA

20times excited

yahh the most awaited: SHREK!

the castle :)

wuhuu its awesome!

superb k. we rid fr 4times huahua

hes just so annoying hahaha

who is he?

again, who are they?

in egypt. BAHHHH they really scared me ! 

ohmyyyyy handsome! *melting*

the madagascar



see! i had a time with puss

the woody woodpacker really embraces manek haha

wohoooo the cylon and human :P SUPERB

coolio!!! cik ija was so speechless after riding the blue one!

beloved aunty really begs fr award: THE BEST SINGER

err err no comment :P its THE BEST WIFE AND SINGER hahahahah

okay this is just to have a last photo before going back!

okay i was just so happy but theres a thing that we felt so auchhhhhh sad. when we excited n rushed to have our wudu' in the toilet(seems like theres no other suitable places to have that) the cleaner was so angry and like to screamed to us. "YOU KILL ME" "YOU KILL ME". ahhh that was just so embarassing when all people looked at us. 'ohh takpe takpe teruskan je tebalkan je muka' when all of the legs were like tertonggeng sbb nak basuh kaki kannnn :P 

we toured but theres no mosque*fr sure* or even prayer room. daaaaaa~
so we went to the money changer compartment and asked him if theres any place to pray. YA ALLAH! he said theres no place and thank you sir fr giving us space to pray. very small space beside him that only one person, one person, repeat one person can perform! he said: "ahh alhamdulillah, good everyone of you pray. i donk know where other muslims perform their prayers"

ahhhhhhh? what the? nevermind i dont wanna give a  damn. 

ps: its exciting and entertaining. lets rock again to USS :)
pps: the cylon & human really drag our life for half at the moment we terbalik!
ppps: the best part is TRANDFORMER!
pppps: i heard ALIYAA performed her prayers on the bench, very into public! but congrates my dear :)
ppppps: i really enjoy the day, may 31st, 2012 :D

with that, I thank you. assalamualaikum :)

too sad

bismillah arrrahman arrahim
semoga diberkati :)

okay guys, seems like ive been leaving the blog fr quite some times and days. oh alhamdulillah everything was just fine in singapore, Universal Studios :) it was so happening esp with the TRANSFORMERS 3D roller coaster and THE REAL ROLLER COASTER ITSELF! the human and cylon were superb and coolio. okay lets move on to the real thing: its june 3rd which everybody has started registering themselves to UITM, UIA, UM, UKM, UPM, INTEC, KM blablabla. and i am still here alone at home, doing stupid things before flying to egypt, insyaAllah this coming september *pray fr me* okay seriously the utmost thing to be mentioned here is I REALLY MISS MY SPM GANG that most of them been going to study in UIA! you know MOST OF THEM including me(if i wont go to egypt)!

MANEK UITM tp mcm nk g INTEC dahhhh

ahhhhhhhh too much to be mentioned! but seriously i do sad with this separation. if only i didnt choose fr dentistry, i will definitely join  them in UIA fr LAW course.
ya Allah, aku tahu aku tak begitu bersyukur dgn keizinanMU menghantar ku ke bumi Anbia' yang sangat luas barakahnya, ke bumi ilmu dunia mahupun akhirat, ke tanah para nabi dan rasul pijak dan bersujud kepada Sang Pencipta, aku tahu aku masih tidak bersyukur, masih lagi mulut hina ini merungut2 nak join kawan2 lawa ke local uni...

masyaAllah, kau tabahkanlah hatiku, kuatkanlah semangatku, bimbinglah hambaMu ini ke jalan yang diredai,  insyaAllah. 

bismillah ya Allah, assalamualaikum :)