"All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height."
Casey Stengel

Monday, April 30, 2012

lets rock the chores :)

instead of joining the bersih 3.0 ,
personally i think of that better relax, stay at home
watching super spontan or mengaji ingat tuhan .
what will you get to have this? 
what will you get to join this?

even only the assembly yg dikatakan 
perhimpunan aman ni pon dah mcm huru hara,
give bad impression to those
foreigners and outsiders,
hello, please, wake up everybody.
whats the point? we better do this :

dont do sthg that will harm yourselves in future.
think think and think, people :)


its very boring,
spend time at home like crazy waiting for
matrix, upu, tanta real offer blablabla.
so when i started to kemas the bilik
(this is when only my mood is okay),
i found a book, which i bought a month ago
err maybe at MPH One Utama i dont really remember.

this is entitled NOORAH which stories a girl 
that converted to Islam after few years been bushed with
ATIES beliefs. 

oyeahhhh not to forget that the author also 
brings good points to all readers. 
may K Ummu be in Allah bless and hedayaaah with family.

*try to read this. its really awesome*

Thursday, April 26, 2012



hari ini rezekiku melimpah.
syukraaaaaan Ya Rabb :)

jangan dah susah baru ingat ALLAH Yang Maha Kaya
*pesanan utk diri sendiri dan org ramai*



may ALLAH bless in the next life :)


*he inspires people*
 may be placed in Jannah :)

the arrival of beloved grandpa n uncle

after 2 weeks going fr umrahhh,
finally ALHAMDULILLAH both of them has landed safely to
MALAYSIAAAAA after transit at few countries;
jakarta & yaman.

 sorry mus, its blur.

 abah and atuk

 cik ina n mus

and yeah not to forget, after that at home,
we had our big dinner. 
the chefs are usual, MAMA & CIK JUN :)

but sthg caught my eyes when the kids played 
with the colourful HEART balloons. 

ahhh kenapa abbey tak pndg cameraaaaa 

mus n mak umi :)

yeahh there were two groups, men n women.

see this!

but look carefully at this picture!
ade NAJIHA terselit kat men punya site KAHKAHKAH
KESIIIAAAAAN before makan 
kene gelak :P

okay jiha rajin buat homework ye td.
haha kbye :)

p/s atuk is having a cough.
2p/s wahhhh kenyang alhamdulillah.

*tiada niat nak jeleskan cik ija hahaha*

get well soon :)

have you ever seen urself,
people around you,
ur family members, ur relatives or even ur friends
get into one of the chronic disease?

here i got one of my tough-come-facing-whatever little
cousin, which one of his kidney is disfunctioned.

check him out, hes warded fr few days since 
the temperature was suddenly up to 
42 degree celcius! 
what the?

sorry i cudnt find any of his photo in the time
hes warded, but i will ask my aunt if she got any.

this is the photo when hes in a normal condition :)

qimi, get well soon, be tough,
i know u can face whatever!
we will be always by your side.

mak umi's-so-suddenly pet

this is truly my first time(so mcm jakun sikit)
seeing a bird nest in the celahan of mak umi's pokok bunga.
HAHAHA i thought all the birds wud build n make it
at better places. it seems like not so actually. 

haaa what i really wondered is ,
this bird mcm tau tau je atuk n mus
got to leave mak umi fr 2 weeks and right on time
dia buat sarang ni HAHAHA.

so every petang mak umi will ask me/any of her anak2
to snap and upload to gesbuk(facebook la kannn ;p)

so inilah peneman mak umi waktu sorang2 di rumahhhh
whenever she halau me to stay at home pula after days been with her

i jd wanita berkerjaya sekarang.
even just a maid fr my grandmother yg HOYEYH!
p/s: mak umi is my nenek.
2p/s: i love my mak umi :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a dentist? sure?

Ya Allahhhh, do help me in every angles. 
since Im only Your servant. 
nothing special with me :(

abah: angah nak jadi apa ni?
angah: dentist!
abah: B bio tu lagu mana?
angah: hukalohh kesah gapo. nak dentist jugaaaaa.
abah: seems like ur result mcm very hard to get mara loan.
angah: takpe 2nd year ah angah mohon mara. 1st year I'll 
try my best to get MUMTAAZ. :)
abah: okayyyy egypt sure? which uni?

ps: i wanna be a dentist.
pps: tanta seems good.
ppps: do pray fr me yeahhhhhhhhh.
pppps: ameeeeeen :)

visiting abid

haaaahhh hes getting taller and maturer.
ohhmannnn also getting darker :P


tak padan waktu form 1 kene buli
dek abe peminat kpop HAHAHA.

study well, brothaaaaa :)

Alhamdulillah :)

krooohhh its lame. 
but still i wanna share the not-so-best-moment
that i went thru on march 21st
(if not mistaken HAHAHA).
the SPM result fr 2011 had opened
everyone's eyes especially fr warga DESA TUN.

ahhhh WE DID IT!
the GPS was 0.938 and who wouldnt feel so shock kann?
even the doers pon rasa terkejutttt HAHA BATAAAAAK :P

oh maaaaannn, tade harapan la kann nak tgk mama n abah
hugs n say congrates fr the straight As result since 
i only got 8As and  a B!
isk isk and B is for Biology.
even before this i firmly suspected that my Phy wud be B.
kiok ahhhhhhhh :(
Phy boleh A puloook.

but its okayy since mama n abah still gave the hugs n congratulated me
also pray the best fr my future undertakings :)

what I firmly believe today is,
bak kata along:
"tak best lahh if Allah bagi lebih or kurang drpd tu,
sbb yang terbaik utk angah adalah reality."

wooohhhh wake up atiqah wake up! 

SPM is not the penentu,
SPM is just a helper :)


wow it has been a long time since
i forgot the password. *wtv*
oyeaaahhh its 2012 alreadyyyyyyy
and i feel like am still a fifth former hewhewhew.

jan till march, i got to BERKHIDMAT UTK NEGARA
at Kem PLKN Desaru Gerakhas
and it was awesome, 
though i thought eating magnum(its been said that this is no longer HALAL)
infront of the laptop watching hindustan movies were much better.
*bythewayyyyy thanks PLKN fr giving me weight loss to 5kgs*

okay till meet again,