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Casey Stengel

Saturday, September 4, 2010

when ALLAH took him yesterday;(

yes people wud just shock and all.
shut n silent.
i was in the car when i got
a message from my kawan
said that ustaz was gone.ALREADY.

its so fast that the lamborghini still
couldnt beat.

he is ahmad akhtar.
a practical teacher from utm.
supposed to be in stf fr 2 months
and yes, hes not here anymore.
not even in the same world.

people surely will miss ur voice,
ur act and all,
since every nite ustaz yg lead
every zuhur pon ustaz join kdg2 jd imam.
and nobody expected to get this sad news.

together we believe and pray for him,
let him be fine there.
we just have to remember,
ALLAH loves him more more more,
more than ALLAH loves us.

so that,

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