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Saturday, June 19, 2010

why it must be a lawyer? :D

If I am able to pass the necessary examinations to go to a University, I would like to read law and afterwards spend two years in an office training to be a solicitor.
There are several reasons for my choice. Firstly, I want to read law, because it is a subject which has always interested me. In many ways, it is similar to History which I have always liked at school. For a law degree, laws made by man right back to Roman times have to be studied. A slight knowledge of Latin is also required and this, too, is a subject which I like.
Secondly, as a fully qualified solicitor, there would be a great variety of jobs available to me. There are always vacancies for young solicitors in general practice. Many Government Departments employ solicitors as town clerks and legal advisers. There are a great many openings in industry too. Most large firms have legal departments to advise on patents, copyrights and general legal procedure.
In these days of high prices and high cost living, most of us wish to earn as much money as we can, to provide the good things of life for ourselves and our families. We also want to educate our children in the best possible way. All this needs money, which, as a solicitor in any of the different spheres open to me, I could easily earn. We rarely see a poor solicitor, because the law is not subject to slumps or declining trade or things of that kind. As long as there are people, there will be a need for lawyers, to settle differences to make wills, to draw up housing contracts, to protect the innocents and to punish the guilty. Therefore, as a solicitor, I would have a secure and well-paid job.
Finally, in whatever branch of the law I work, I shall always be in contact with people and their fascinating human problems. to be with books or figures or machines, all day long would, for me, be very dull and monotonous, because I want to work with and for human beings. As a solicitor, I would be able to do this.

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